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This is one of the more interesting things I have found since moving here. Here is a list of the top driving habits to watch for.

  1. Don’t honk! Coming from southeast Michigan if you didn’t hit the gas the second the light turned from red to green you would get an instant honk. Not so much here but I do find that i changing some with increased traffic and more drivers moving here from out of state. Of course if you are on Woodruff Rd. all bets are off.
  2. Don’t pull out into the intersection. We were used to this so you could make it through the light when it turned yellow. Here it is actually illegal to pull into the intersection. Folks here will tend to stay back at the white line.
  3. People turn really – really – really – slow on right hand turns into parking lots. I have no idea why but it is kind of funny. You just learn to deal with it.
  4. In general drivers do not tailgate. The drivers are not as aggressive here but there is always the exception and of course as traffic increases especially in growing parts of town this is changing.
  5. Running red lights is an epidemic! I thought we were bad up north but it doesn’t come close to what you will find in Greenville. Red seems to mean slow down. My advice has been to give it a second or two before going through an intersection. Maybe that’s why we don’t honk right away.

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Mark is a transplant from Michigan and moved to Greenville because he loves it.

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