There all all sorts of great neighborhoods in Greenville. I can only really speak to the couple I looked at before moving here. We wanted a little more of an urban experience and chose a neigborhood close to downtown. In general, housing is very affordable here, particularly when factoring in taxes. But like everything else, location can have a big impact on price.

Greenville South Carolina Houses
Augusta Rd.
Greenville Neighborhoods
Augusta Rd.
Augusta Rd.
Augusta Rd
North Main
Check out the Mt. Vernon reproduction on the left side.
North Main
Dogwoods in the spring. Planted down the whole street.
North Main side street. Greenville SC
North Main side street.
North Main Greenville SC
North Main just outside downtown.
Heading into the North Main neighborhood. Note the bike lanes that were recently added! See the next picture for the new streetscaping.
New Street Scape into North Main Community

North Main

North MainFor me it came down to a decision between North Main or the Augusta Rd. area. Both are close enough to be downtown in one or two minutes. My personal preference was North Main with it’s rolling hills and variety of houses. We have a preference for older homes which of course there are plenty of.

Earle Street ( a historical district) is located in North Main where you can pick up the downtown trolley (Corner of N. Main and Earle). If you are looking for in-town living, this area definitely belongs on your list.

They recently completed new street-scaping heading into the neighborhood.

Augusta Rd.

I would classify Augusta Rd as a little more stately. Lot’s of beautiful and historic homes here too. Part of  the Augusta Rd. neighborhhod also runs along the Reedy park system. One of my good friends lives there (Hey Jimmy!)


South of town (about a 10 to 15 minute drive), you can get a lot of home for your money. Fast growing area. Lot’s of nice subdivisions. Tend to be newer homes. Keep in mind that if you really like downtown you can find that even 15 mintues becomes a long drive around here.

Travelers Rest

North of Greenville and near Furman University is the up and coming town of Travelers Rest. The Swamp Rabbit Trail runs through town. A favorite stop is Williams Hardware (It’s actually a restaurant now).

Other Neighborhoods

Put these on your list for in or near town neighborhoods to check out.

Botany Woods
Gower Park
Silver Creek



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