Here are some miscellaneous ramblings about other cool Greenville things.

The Weather

Overall we have pretty mild weather. Yes, I am from up north so I wanted to get away from the winters but that doesn’t mean you won’t see snow (there were 6 inches in December 2010!). It can get hot during the summer. It’s not uncommon to see 100 but it usually cools in the evening making it very pleasant.

Average humidity is only 55%. Rain is typically spread out pretty evenly during the year but everyone has been getting strange weather the last few years and it’s been a little hotter and drier than normal. I found I needed to put in a drip irrigation system to keep our new plants properly watered.

You’ll love the sunshine and wait until you get a good look at the trademark South Carolina blue sky!

As a side note – I’ve had people complain about misquitos but actually do not find them too bad. If you spray some of that Yard Guard every other week it really cuts down on them.

Bicycling & Running

You’ll notice marked bike lanes through town and Greenville’s extensive park and trail system is designed for runners and bikers. Greenville is working on their Platinum bike status. The bike path on the Swamp Rabbit Trail is one of the best you will find. Heading north is the old railroad line so its pretty flat. You go up through Furman University to Traveler’s Rest (stop at “Williams Hardware” for a great meal.)

Heading south is a little more challenging and takes you past the zoo down to Greenville Tech.

There are also numerous running paths and events. One of the favorites is a 5k in January through downtown. The first time we came to Greenville we saw the start of the race from our room at the Westin Poinsett. It was quite an experience.


All the hotels downtown are nice. The Westin Poinsett, Marriott Courtyard, Hampton Inn and the Hyatt. For a lower cost option, the Holiday Inn Express is a good choice and within easy walking distance to downtown. The Hyatt has recently completed a major rennovation on the north side of downtown.


There is a good variety of specialty shops downtown. If you need more serious shopping there is the Haywood mall and the Woodruff road area. Take note – the traffic on Woodruff is awful but there’s a ton of stores and restaurants along it.

Plenty of good grocery stores. Ingles and Bi-Lo are less expensive and offer good quality. Bi-Lo has been remodeling their stores. We also like Publix and occassionally hit Fresh Market for specialty foods and a great meat counter. There is a Trader Joe’s out on Woodruff.

Driving Around

As I mentioned on the Downtown page, you don’t hear a lot of people honking their horns. Unfortunately, that will probably change as the city grows but I hope not. People don’t drive as aggresively as I’m used to from Detroit (which is good) but folks do seem to make turns into parking lots, etc. really, really slow. I’m getting used to it but it definitely took some adjustment.

The other interesting thing is that a 15 minute drive starts to seem like a long time as most places are pretty close. Its a nice change from my drives before we moved.

Getting to Greenville

Southwest Airlines has definitely helped set reasonable airfares in and out of GSP. I used to find myself going out of Charlotte more than I cared for. Now, for the most part,  I’m able to use GSP for my travel. Speaking of which, they are getting ready for a $100 million upgrade to GSP over the next few years. Not for runway space but to modernize the facility to better handle security and update the lobby.

What I Don’t Like

This list is pretty short. I don’t care to listen to people that don’t like Greenville. Yes, there are actually a few of them. No city is perfect for everyone and I can understand that it’s hard to leave your home but you need to open your eyes to all the great things around here.

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