MLsml2It’s a question I hear a lot. “Why did you move to Greenville?”.

My story was the result of combination of factors that just seemed to come together. Originally I had thought of Oahu (seriously) but it was too far from family.

I’ve had a couple of national sales positions and had a chance to travel to a number of cities across the country. I found that there were a lot of great places to visit but somehow they just didn’t appeal to me as a great place to live too.

A few years back I was at a seminar in Columbia and drove up to Greenville to see a friend of mine who had relocated here from Michigan. We spent the night checking out , Reedy Falls, the various restaurants and bars and losing his car.

A couple of years later something about my time in Greenville kept coming back to me and I started researching things like the weather (yes!),  amount of sunshine, distance from our current home (Michigan) , economy and housing. It started falling into place from there. It was nice that a flight was only 1 1/2 hours.

Of course I still had to convince my wife, so we came down in the month of January to a 60 plus degree evening (it was unseasonably warm but happens) and spent a few days exploring the town. It cooled off after that first night but we still had a great time seeing the city and started making plans for an eventual move.

I decided to put this website together because Greenville is such a unique city and I wanted to help get the word out to as many people as possible and be a resource for people considering a move here.


Update – 1/1/2014

I have received a number of emails asking if I still like it here. Well it’s been over three years and I still love it. Of course it is winter here as I’m writing this but its all relative. My son just let me know he bought a Toro snow thrower to deal with the Michigan snow. I had to use the blower to move some leaves off the drive.

Never a shortage of things to do. Started a new job, celebrated New Years with new friends, started biking on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and my wife wants to do The Greenville News 5K run through downtown later this month, however, I think I may just be in the cheering section at Carolina Ale House.

We are finding more opportunities to go to Charleston to enjoy the beach but I prefer living in Greenville. Greenville continues to grow making this an exciting time to be here.

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